About Us


The Global Energy Council (GEC) is a Swiss non-profit scientific organization with the objective to provide Global Energy with solutions and scenarios for a global improvement in ecological, economic, ethical and governance spheres (commonly known as “ESG”).


The GEC, a specialist organization in the Energy World, has developed and continues to develop, with international scientific partners an independent unified standard for ESG in the Energy World: The GEC-ESG Standard.

The GEC-ESG Standard is unique in its independence and scientific relevance. It is not guided by any ideological, political or economic interests. The GEC-ESG Standard is developed with the most trusted, independent scientific partners, such as leading universities, institutes and other independent scientific institutions.

Industrial, production, service, transport and trading companies in the Energy World, as well as governmental and other organizations may request us to provide them with the GEC-ESG Rating.

GEC Founders & Team

Everything is about the people. And so a better energy world is. Women and men with ideas and plans to get You connected for a future of better energy.

Dr. Stephan C. Roh

Founder, member of the board
Attorney at law in Suisse, Germany and UK with expertises in corporate law, banking law, financal market law and international commercial law.

Bernhard Nusser

Founder, member of the board

Expertises in marketing, sales, business development. European lobbying.

Our global partners

Swiss InterStrategy Group

The Swiss InterStrategy Group (Swiss ISG) is a think tank based in Zurich, Switzerland. We are part of ILS Energy, the international energy consulting group.

RoH Attorneys at law

RoH Attorneys at law are offering a wide service with regard to questions arising from business, commercial and banking law.


A Swiss Association of Professional Law Practitioners